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The Association of Haitian Women in Boston is a community-based grassroots organization dedicated to empowering low-income Haitian women and their children. We believe that everyone, regardless of race or sex, should have equal rights, and that women should have unlimited opportunity to develop as individuals, unhampered by social traditions.

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We promote women's access to social and economic opportunities in order to expand women's knowledge; develop their abilities to be self-sufficient, independent, and confident; and empower women to take control of their destiny.


Boston, October 8, 2016 - Haitian Americans United Inc. and partner organizations define a common platform to bring help to Haiti.

The Haitian-Americans United, Inc. (HAU) in partnership with the Haiti Development Institute (HDI), GRAHN-USA, and other non-profit agencies have decided to create a common platform to bring relief to Haiti in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew.


After deliberation by sixty Haitian leaders from all walks of life, we have arrived at this resolution with the conviction that Haitian Americans must respond to this crisis:


1.      A Coordination Committee is created to oversee the collection of funds, the definition of priorities for short- and long-term action, and the disbursement process of the collected funds. This Committee is formed at least of the following members:

a.       A representative of the Haitian Americans United

b.      A representative of the Haiti Development Institute

c.       A representative of the Catholic Church

d.      A representative of the Evangelical Community

e.       A representative of the Hometown Associations

f.       Representatives of Youth Organizations

g.      A Representative of the Media

2.      The collection of funds officially started at the Saturday October 8, 2016 meeting, and a coordinated strategy will be developed and implemented within the larger public, our churches, our social organizations, businesses, and social media outlets.

3.      All forms of communication will be used to provide updates on the development of the campaign, including HAU website, Facebook, and Twitter, for the sake of transparency and accountability for all funds.


Checks can be made to:  Haitian Americans United Inc. – with memo “Hurricane Matthew 2016 Relief Efforts” and mailed to:  


P.O. Box 260440, Mattapan, MA 02126


Or by direct deposit at:

East Boston Savings Bank:  Routing# 211070120, Account # 777415001





HAU is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax exempt to the maximum allowed by law.